Favorite Books

I love reading book lists of people that I find interesting, so I figured I would list my own on the off chance that someone finds me interesting. 🙂 These are five random books that I enjoy for different reasons, but perhaps in the future I will make a more comprehensive list by subject matter.

1. Crossing the Threshold of Hope- His Holiness John Paul II- This book is INCREDIBLE. If you are Catholic it is a must. His Holiness is incredibly articulate and this book so powerfully explains so many theological concepts that are difficult to understand. If you are not Catholic, this book is an excellent read because it so beautifully describes the what and why of Catholic belief. An amazing writer, thinker and man, John Paul II continues to inspire through this work.

2. A Girl of the Limberlost- Gene Stratton-Porter- I guess this is a young adult book, and although I read it first when I was young I continue to re-read it every summer. It is charmingly written and stands in stark contrast to the likes of Twilight and The Hunger Games. Compare teenage Elnora to Katniss or Bella and be sad for this modern age of adolescence. What happened?

3. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln- Doris Kearns-Goodwin- As far as biographies go, this is a great read and highlights how Lincoln was indeed a political genius. Kearns-Goodwin is fastidious in her research and makes all 800 pages of this book interesting. I generally love biographies but I usually end up bored. Not so here. Anyone remotely interested in Lincoln will enjoy this book and be amazed by his life.

4. Island of the World- Michael D. O’Brien- I cannot describe how moving this story is. The writing is incredible, the poetry is beautiful and the story is heart-wrenching. I cried reading a book for the first. time. ever.

5. The Mission of Motherhood- Sally Clarkson- For the first time I read a parenting book and thought, “finally a book that articulates what I have been feeling about raising a family.” Sally is an inspiration and has a lovely style of writing.


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