7 Quick Takes Vol. 12

— 1 —

I’m back from a little “break” during which time I really didn’t have anything to write about!

— 2 —

My husband has some work to do in Pittsburgh (he is collaborating with some colleagues) and baby and I are tagging along. We are excited! Hubby and I are looking forward to having a date night. I am a crazy person and we have not left our daughter with a babysitter…. ever. Besides my mom she has never been left with anyone else (I’m just not ready). Needless to say we could use a little bit of time together without busy baby in tow!

— 3 —

Babies are amazing. All of a sudden they have a new “trick” developmentally and they go from being unable to do it, to all of a sudden doing it 10000000000 times a day. Baby can now pull herself up to standing using furniture or mommy or daddy, and now she is doing it all the time! It is so fun, but now I have to have my eyes on her at all times!

— 4 —

It’s pizza night, and we ordered pizza from our favorite place here in town. It’s AMAZING. Thin crust, peaches, arugula, chicken, pecans, and blue cheese. Sounds weird, but it’s the pizza of dreams.

— 5 —

Just finished a biography about Theodore Roosevelt that was incredible. Mornings on Horseback was about his family and early life before becoming president. It was fascinating. The biography-inclined would truly enjoy it. Now I have moved onto The Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living. I love the Willlits’ show on Sirius XM and the book is great.

— 6 —

We bought the elliptical from Craigslist and it has worked out great. It was a great deal and it is pretty much unused. I have been using it almost every day and it has been awesome. I have lost some weight already and the mental benefits of being able to exercise are fab.

— 7 —

Our townhouse is the worst place to babyproof in creation.
Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend all!

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One thought on “7 Quick Takes Vol. 12

  1. If only we could all have developmental leaps like babies. For me, it’s more like, I drive somewhere and get lost, and then the next time, I don’t get lost! Whoooooooooa! :/

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