7 Quick Takes Vol. 11

— 1 —

I have no interest in Pinterest. There, I said it. I know that if I would get started I would become obsessed, so I’m avoiding it at all costs.

— 2 —

Can’t believe July is almost over! Tomorrow my daughter will be 10 months old and her first birthday will be here before I know it. I’m starting to brainstorm party ideas (here Pinterest would definitely come in handy, but I refuse to fall down that rabbit hole!) Any suggestions for cute baby party themes?

— 3 —

The Olympics start tonight!!!! Are you watching the opening ceremonies? I am- I’m such an Olympics nerd and I love watching all the events. I am among those who are horrified that our Team USA uniforms were made in China. There is no reason for this. I don’t care that it’s cheaper. This is an instance when I would say that they should pay whatever the cost is to have them made in the USA, whether it’s two or three times as much or not. There are plenty of clothing manufacturers here who need the work. This is not where we should be trying to save money!!!! Surely one of the Olympic sponsors would LOVE to have the bragging rights that they are sponsoring our Made in the USA uniforms……. there’s a huge lost opportunity on someone’s part. Hopefully sponsors will be falling over each other to do this for the next games…..

— 4 —

So this past week I have made everything that we have eaten from scratch- bread, meals, snacks, etc. (my hubby has been eating out for lunch at work though.) I think I have actually lost a little weight. It takes more work, but it’s definitely worth it. I don’t know that I could keep this up forever, but it has seriously helped our budget. And really, it hasn’t taken a ton of effort.

— 5 —

My little sewing corner in our bedroom is coming along nicely. When it’s finished I will post a picture. It’s nothing fancy, but neither is my sewing so it’s a good match for me. 🙂

— 6 —

One task that I absolutely loathe is grocery shopping. I HATE IT. I have to go today and I’m hoping that I will be able to rope hubby into going instead.

— 7 —

I am contemplating buying an elliptical from someone on craigslist. For some reason I’m convinced every Craigslist person is a murderer. Clearly I have to get over this. Has anyone had success buying/selling on Craigslist? Any tips or suggestions?
Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend all!

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