Seven Quick Takes Vol. 10

— 1 —

New season of Project Runway started last night. Enough said. Love it.

— 2 —

Baby’s new favorite thing to do it just scream. I think it’s related to the teething but it’s really not cute. She screams everywhere: at home, in the car, in a store, etc. It’s not very pleasant to grocery shop with a screaming baby- yesterday I had to cut our trip short and came home with half as many groceries as I needed.

— 3 —

Took baby to the park this morning. She loves swinging!

— 4 —

We decided that next month we’re getting the Nikon D3100. Does anyone have this camera? Likes? Dislikes? Recommend another DSLR camera?

— 5 —

I really want to get myself to start making bread consistently again. First of all, bread in the store is silly expensive. Second of all it’s usually filled with preservatives and crap, unless you’re getting the outrageously expensive bread. So, I’m going to start every Saturday morning making bread. I enjoy it and homemade is so delicious.

— 6 —

Because I’m a weirdo I’m starting to think about my daughter’s first birthday coming up (in September). Surely I will be an emotional nutcase. I’m trying to think about some nice birthday traditions to start for the family. Does anyone do anything interesting in terms of something special for kid’s birthdays?

— 7 —

Praying for all those involved in the terrible shooting in Colorado. Please take a moment and say a prayer for those who have died, the injured, and their families.

Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend all!

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