7 Quick Takes Vol. 9

— 1 —

I got bangs. Can’t believe it. I’m loving them. Mostly I got them because after having baby, I lost a ton of hair from months 3-6pp. Now it’s growing back, and around my hairline I have an unfortunate “fringe” that’s about a half inch long. Not cute. I was worried that other people would think that I thought they were bangs. lol. The real bangs now cover it up and it’s so much better.

— 2 —

We got baby to gain weight!!! Yesterday we went for a weight check and she gained 8 oz in 2 weeks! I’m so glad. For now we’re staying on the high calorie plan that she’s on to keep her gaining, and I’m hoping that we can get her to keep on track.

— 3 —

Does anyone have suggestions for helping babies make the move from pureed foods to finger foods? My daughter has “texture problems” aka flips out anytime we try to feed her anything that’s not perfectly smooth. I try to encourage her to try different things without pushing her, but I have to admit it’s intimidating to read that other 9 month olds are dipping carrots in hummus and eating apple slices. I understand that she needs to develop at her own rate (and her pedi said she’s not worried about the texture thing until kids are 1) but I just want to be sure she’s getting what she needs. Any tips/ideas? She also has a killer gag reflex and can make herself throw up pretty easily. Since we were having problems with getting her to gain weight I didn’t want to push her with textures because we couldn’t have her throwing up.

— 4 —

Recommend your SLR camera. I’d like to invest in a camera that’s easy to use and takes great pictures. Suggestions?

— 5 —

I’m on a roll with sewing. During naptime today I made my daughter some jammies out of my hubby’s old t-shirts. It’s so much fun and ridiculously easy. There’s tons of tutorials online and it’s fun to be creative.

— 6 —

It’s annoying to try to upload pictures from my point and shoot to my Mac, which explains why I hardly ever have pictures on this blog. They eventually upload but the camera has to be attached to my laptop for about 20 minutes before the pictures start transferring. Weird.

— 7 —

Still reading Radical Homemakers. It’s awesome, but I haven’t had a lot of reading time this week and I’m going at a snail’s pace.

Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend all!

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