7 Quick Takes Vol. 7

— 1 —

My mom is leaving today and we had such a nice visit. It makes me so jealous of those who get to live near their families!

— 2 —

While mom was here I was able to get some major work done on the house! A lot of the “extra” cleaning and decorating stuff is hard to do with baby- I can barely keep up with the everyday cleaning, cooking, and laundry- so having mom here to help was amazing. The master bedroom is now complete! As is the living room and dining room. The last room that really needs tackling is the extra bedroom on the first floor.

— 3 —

My daughter is much better. She is back to gaining weight and looks like her chunky little self again. šŸ™‚ Her 9 month appointment is next week and I can’t wait to see what she weighs. I think that during our trip she was having a growth spurt or making up for lost time food-wise, because she ate a ton at my mom’s. I am so relieved! When we got back to TX she had a checkup with her ENT and things look great, so the plan is to see how things go for a while before we think about tubes.

— 4 —

With my mom here hubby and I have been going out on lots of little dates and it has been really fun. The other night we went out to dinner and we waited for a ridiculously long time, so they gave us complimentary wine and an appetizer. The food was amazing and since we didn’t have anywhere we needed to be we didn’t mind the wait (too much!).

— 5 —

Speaking of eating, I am WAY off track with my healthy lifestyle change. I haven’t worked out since we left for Pgh (17 days ago!!!!) and I have eaten pretty much anything and everything I want. I need to get myself back in check!

— 6 —

My random tv obsession of late is watching episodes of Murder, She Wrote on Netflix. It is so silly and mindless and the episodes are completely ridiculous. I love it. Angela Landsbury reminds me of my grandmother so I think that’s mostly why I enjoy watching the show. Usually I watch it at night when I can’t sleep and it helps!

— 7 —

New blog design coming this weekend….. stay tuned!

Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend all!

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