I’m Back!

After my trip to Pgh I took a little (okay kinda long) blogging break for a while and it was nice. I didn’t post because frankly I didn’t have much to write about!

Traveling with baby was really exhausting this time. An 8 month old is much harder to keep entertained in the airport/plane/car than a three or five month old! However, baby was sooooo good and the trip went pretty smoothly. 🙂

The wedding was beautiful and it was so great to see the family again! Reminds me of how much I miss getting to see them often. If you live near your family don’t take it for granted- even if they tend to drive you crazy (mine don’t but I’m lucky!)

We had a nice visit with my mom, and she flew back with us to TX. She is still here and will be leaving in a few days. I am so lucky to get to spend this much time with her and I am so blessed to have her help! It is amazing having her here to watch the baby while I get things done!!!! My house hasn’t looked this good in a long time!!!!!

Hope you’re all having a great week!!!




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