Sick Mommy

It seems that I caught some cold/flu and I am down for the count. I haven’t been this miserably sick in a long time and I can hardly do anything. So, I’m mostly trying to relax and get as much rest as possible (that I can with an 8 month old…..). 

My brain is too fuzzy from congestion/headache/medicine to post anything significant today but I hope to later this week. 

Random: I think I have mentioned before that I’m a sucker for random documentaries. I am also a complete sucker for anything having to do with old people. Today my favorites collided as I watched Gotta Dance. In 2007 the New Jersey Nets decided to put together a senior citizen hip hop dance team to perform during games. The documentary followed several seniors through the audition process and the first year of the team. It was adorable. Not only could they dance, but they were the most precious things I have ever seen. It was so inspiring to watch this group doing what they loved at their ages (60-82!!!) If you need a smile check it out. 


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