Posted in June 2012

7 Quick Takes Vol. 8

— 1 — Yay it’s Friday! We’re having a rough day. Baby had her 9 month checkup yesterday and lost weight again, so we’re back to our schedule of increased formula calories, high calorie foods, etc. I’m hoping that we can get her to gain some weight again. The doctor’s not concerned, but she wants … Continue reading

I miss my dad.

My father passed away five years ago this past February, and I have been missing him a lot lately. I think it’s mostly because I am a memories person, and I loved reliving memories when driving past different places in Pgh. That’s the bookstore that dad used to take me to after every dentist appointment, … Continue reading

7 Quick Takes Vol. 7

— 1 — My mom is leaving today and we had such a nice visit. It makes me so jealous of those who get to live near their families! — 2 — While mom was here I was able to get some major work done on the house! A lot of the “extra” cleaning and … Continue reading

I’m Back!

After my trip to Pgh I took a little (okay kinda long) blogging break for a while and it was nice. I didn’t post because frankly I didn’t have much to write about! Traveling with baby was really exhausting this time. An 8 month old is much harder to keep entertained in the airport/plane/car than … Continue reading


Today my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary! We were married four years ago today on June 7, 2008. It was a beautiful day and our wedding was so much fun. I love my sweet hubby more now that I ever did and I look forward to the wonderful years ahead of us! 🙂 … Continue reading

Going back…to the Burgh

Today we are going to Pittsburgh. My dear little brother is getting married this weekend and we are so excited for him. We will be gone for a while, and then my sweet mom is coming back to TX with us to spend a little time here. I can’t wait to see all of my … Continue reading

It seems the cloud has lifted

My confession today is that I have struggled with depression since I was 12 or 13 years old. For much of my life I have been plagued with horrible anxiety, particularly since college. I’m not sure if even my closest friends realized it, because I was able to have fun and enjoy myself doing after … Continue reading

Sick Mommy

It seems that I caught some cold/flu and I am down for the count. I haven’t been this miserably sick in a long time and I can hardly do anything. So, I’m mostly trying to relax and get as much rest as possible (that I can with an 8 month old…..).  My brain is too … Continue reading