Random Nice Thing of the Day

Although I accomplished a lot today one thing I did not accomplish was getting out of sweatpants and a t-shirt. As such, this afternoon I decided to take baby through the Starbucks drive through because we were out of coffee at home. I ordered my favorite: a skinny vanilla latte. I got a grande and the price came to $4.38 or something ridiculous. Of course I’m ashamed that I got a nearly $5 cup of coffee, but I love it so I’m not that ashamed…. 🙂 The car in front of me took quite a while at the window, but I didn’t really notice because I was listening to the radio and generally zoning out. When the car left and I pulled up to the window the girl apologized for the wait (couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes) and told me that my coffee was free! Couldn’t believe it- sometimes it’s the little things……


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