7 Quick Takes Friday vol. 1

— 1 —

So yesterday I watched a movie about three guys who decided to run across the entirety of the Sahara desert, aptly titled Running the Sahara. I am a documentary nerd and will, obviously, watch a documentary about just about anything. Before I started watching I thought “why the (expletive) would you want to run across the Sahara?” After watching I really wondered why you would want to do it. First of all, it’s far. About 4,300 miles through six countries. Second of all, it takes a long time. The runners ran for about 12 hours per day?!?!?! for 111 days. Third, it’s hot. When the runners started it was 140 degrees. ummmmmm. Granted, I’m no runner, but I can’t imagine how this would be fun/cool/something I would do unless I was forced at gunpoint. Anyway I’m sure people who are into running would be interested.

— 2 —

Tomorrow morning we are going to a portrait studio to get photos taken of our family of three and our daughter. Hubby is not excited about it. I also dislike getting pictures taken, but I want a nice picture of the three of us. Daughter is much happier in the morning so our appointment is at 9am. Hopefully we will get some nice pictures!

— 3 —

I am a terrible dog mommy. Before baby my dog was absolutely my baby. We spent tons of time together and he got all of my attention (aside from my hubby). Now I feel terrible because I am so absorbed with spending time with my daughter that he doesn’t get the attention he’s used to. I need to make more of an effort. He’s just adorable and he deserves. it.

— 4 —

Getting dressed in the mornings is rough, because I have so little to choose from. Most of my wardrobe doesn’t fit so I’m limited to the same 3-4 outfits. I refuse to buy new things because when I wake up tomorrow and magically weigh 20 lbs less it will be wasteful…. I need to start working out.

— 5 —

My daughter loves Stephen Colbert. Sometimes I will have the show on while I’m feeding her breakfast, and she smiles at him and giggles. I assume it’s because he is so animated, but it’s so funny to see her laughing at him. Before I get comments, yes, she’s only six months old but “watching” tv for 15 minutes while I give her breakfast will not impact her negatively for the rest of her life.

— 6 —

Pittsburgh is, in contrast to what you might believe, and amazing city. You should go there. There’s tons to do. Even people from Europe like it. People leave Europe to GO ON VACATION in Pittsburgh. For real.

— 7 —

I’m really missing the Burgh. I miss my family a lot too. Moving far away from family when you have a baby sucks. I’m having a hard time adjusting to the vibe here in TX. It’s different, and I’m trying to find my place. I’m also trying to make more mommy friends. Suggestions? My church doesn’t have a mom’s group, and I would really like to join a group of Catholic mommies. What do I do?

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