Mommy’s a Frump

Oh the post-baby frump. I battle with it every day. Most days I’m exhausted and the last thing I feel like doing is putting on a cute outfit while I’m getting thrown up on and doing housework. However, I realize that when I do get dressed up it’s a real mental pick-me-up. I can imagine that it’s no fun for my husband to come home to a dirty, scary looking wife after working all day. Before I had my daughter I used to think, “what are these women talking about, what you do mean you don’t have time to take a shower?” LOL. oh the ignorance of youth.

Many other bloggers have posted a variety of mommy challenges for these purposes, and I’m going to join in the fun! One of fav bloggers, Betty Beguiles, is always coming up with fun ways to help in this area and she has lately come up with a Pajama Edition! This is something that I need to do, because usually I go to sleep with one of my hubby’s t-shirts on and some funky sweats.

Dressing nicely is also difficult for me right now, because I’m not exactly down to my pre-baby weight yet. I gained 40 lbs(!!!!) during my pregnancy, and in the 6 months since my daughter was born I have lost 25. This is my fault because I’m not working out and I’m definitely indulging in some treats. Right now I’m challenging myself to working out twice a week. I know some people will think I’m ridiculous because all I can squeeze in are 2 workouts at this point, but since I’m going from 0 it will be an improvement! My goal is to lose the weight so I don’t need to get an entire new wardrobe.

I will keep you posted on this. I am really hoping to lose the last 15 lbs, because my brother is getting married in June and I definitely want to look like cute mommy and not frump mommy!

Thanks for listening,



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