Sadly, this is our generation.

Before the Olympics coverage tonight NBC had a segment with Tom Brokaw about the British experience during WWII. It was such a great profile about the trials and difficulties faced by the British during the war. And it was so striking that each commercial break began with a commercial for “The Voice” or “America’s Got … Continue reading

7 Quick Takes Vol. 12

— 1 — I’m back from a little “break” during which time I really didn’t have anything to write about! — 2 — My husband has some work to do in Pittsburgh (he is collaborating with some colleagues) and baby and I are tagging along. We are excited! Hubby and I are looking forward to … Continue reading

Making mommy friends is hard

Today I’m getting ready because friends are coming over for dinner. We’re having pulled-pork sandwiches (recipe follows), roasted veggies and a salad. My friend is bringing dessert. As I was getting the house ready this morning, I got to thinking about how difficult it can sometimes be to make mommy friends, and I think I … Continue reading

7 Quick Takes Vol. 11

— 1 — I have no interest in Pinterest. There, I said it. I know that if I would get started I would become obsessed, so I’m avoiding it at all costs. — 2 — Can’t believe July is almost over! Tomorrow my daughter will be 10 months old and her first birthday will be … Continue reading


When you have a baby the amount of laundry you need to do increases exponentially. I am sure this is also the case with each subsequent child. My laundry schedule is simple, and finally after 10 months I found something that really works for us. I do laundry every day. At least one load, of … Continue reading

Cleaning it

So yesterday I suggested that in order to keep your house clean, you have to ask yourself a few questions, and identify your “thing” to do at night which will start your day off well. Now, we’re going to keep going and start cleaning. Start simply. Choose the room to begin in that will make … Continue reading

Yes you can have a “clean” house and have a baby!

Talk about a controversial topic. I’m addressing this because it’s something that I’ve really been struggling with since having baby (who will be 10 months in 5 days!!!!). In more ways than one I’m a different person post pregnancy, childbirth, mommyhood, etc. Obvi. And one of those ways is that my “nesting” instinct has never … Continue reading

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 10

— 1 — New season of Project Runway started last night. Enough said. Love it. — 2 — Baby’s new favorite thing to do it just scream. I think it’s related to the teething but it’s really not cute. She screams everywhere: at home, in the car, in a store, etc. It’s not very pleasant … Continue reading

Green Smoothie!

Lately I have been having fun making all kinds of smoothies. Usually I just throw some combination of fruits/veggies together, but today I came up with a green smoothie that I find completely delicious. Most green smoothies are a little too “green” for me, but this one is fab: 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup kefir … Continue reading

Cute Blankets, Terrible Camera

As promised, above is a picture of the blankets I made recently. Excuse the horrible photo, I was having trouble with the lighting. The blanket on the left was made for my husband’s coworker’s new baby, and the one one the left was the one I made for my daughter. All fabric was purchased from … Continue reading